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EZ Funding Group, Inc. is a lender you can trust and count on for all your mortgage needs. EZ Funding Group, Inc. has been established in the South Florida area since 2000 helping one homeowner at a time. We service the entire state of Florida for all your residential and commercial lending.

At EZ Funding Group, Inc., we specialize and pride ourselves of the unique customer service that we provide our clients. Our clients not only have our business phone numbers but our personal number that they’re able to reach us any time, even over the weekend or night time. There is nothing worst than having a doubt or question and have to wait for the next business day or going through the weekend without being able to have your question answered. At EZ Funding Group, Inc., you don’t have that issue as you’re able to talk to us anytime throughout the process.

It does not matter if you have good credit or not, or if you are a foreign national borrower. We have the program for you that’s able to help you for your current scenario.

We specialize in the following Florida Mortgage Loans:

Whether your buying your new home or refinancing your existing home mortgage, we at EZ Funding Group, Inc. can help find the right loan for you.

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